Elevating Home Value Through Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

Elevating Home Value Through Luxury Bathroom Fixtures

When was the last time you refreshed your bathroom space? When you uplift your bathroom, you also improve your home’s value.

Which luxury bathroom fixtures are best to help you renew and rejuvenate your space?

Keep reading as we explore luxury bathroom ideas for any budget level that will help boost the value of your property when it’s time to sell. At Caldwell Plumbing, we provide repairs and installation services for stunning results across the Durham Region. Contact us today to get started with your bathroom project.

How Much Does a New Bathroom Affect Property Price?

Let’s take a look at the numbers. How much will a new bathroom provide a return on investment for your property’s value? According to the National Bank of Canada, investing in a bathroom renovation can gain you an 85% return on your investment in your property’s value.

Of course, this percentage doesn’t take other factors into account. The rest of the property should be in reasonable shape, with no glaring repairs needed. After all, having a stunning luxury bathroom wouldn’t make much difference if the rest of the property is messy.

Top Luxury Bathroom Installations for Property Value

Planning your new bathroom is exciting, but choosing universally valuable bathroom installations that will boost your property’s value is important. Here are the top luxury bathroom installations for property value.

Deep Large Bathtub

A bathtub is an attractive home feature and provides the luxury of a glass of wine and soaking in suds after a long day’s work. When renovating your bathroom, prioritizing a deep and large bathtub will help establish your bathroom as a luxurious, expensive space. Deep and large bathtubs have enough room for two, which can be extremely attractive for couples.

If you’ve got a larger budget, you might consider opting for jacuzzi tub features. However, the style of most jacuzzi tubs is better suited to a modern bathtub. A clawfoot or freestanding basin tub may be the better option if you’re going for a classic look.

Color Scheme with Metal Fixtures As Accents

Creating an attractive colour scheme in your bathroom can enhance the look and make it appear more expensive. You want your bathroom to feel curated like it would in a hotel room. In addition to choosing cohesive tiles, screen doors, and wall paint for your bathroom, you should consider metal fixtures, too.

Your sink taps, bathtub accessories, and showerhead can act as decorative accents in your bathroom. Choosing black or gold ones can add a touch of uniqueness while bringing together the whole aesthetic of your bathroom.

Wet Room

A wet room is a walk-in shower that doesn’t have a raised platform for drainage. The drain goes right into the floor, so your bathroom floor tiles are your shower tiles. With a wet room, there’s no interruption to the tile patterns on your floor and walls. You only see the showerhead and a screen door to prevent water leakage.

Bathroom Lighting

You can use lighting accents to create more ambiance in your bathroom space. LED lighting can easily fit under any panels in your bathroom to provide gentle and dim lighting for a more romantic bathing experience.

Or, you might consider installing functional lighting fixtures, such as makeup lighting. Using mirrors fitted with ring lighting will help ensure seamless makeup application that looks good in natural and artificial lighting – and is a very attractive feature for homebuyers!

Spa Showerheads

When designing your bathroom, there’s always the question of which showerhead you choose. Here are some examples of the different types of spa showerheads:

● Rain and waterfall – a rainfall and waterfall showerhead has two modes. The rainfall setting provides a gentle trickle for you to lather up, while the waterfall mode provides a heavy flow of water with a massage effect. These showerheads are typically installed towards the bathroom ceiling for a more spacious look.

● LED showerhead – an LED showerhead creates a more ambient shower experience by switching between different lighting hues and colours.

● Elegant showerheads – elegant showerheads extend from the ceiling to provide rainfall-like water for your shower, blending perfectly with the bathroom decor.

● Hand massage showerhead – a handheld massage showerhead comes with a few different pressure settings and can be used overhead with a wall attachment or manually. You can apply the pressured water to your sore back, calves, or arms for a full body massage every time you get in the shower.

● Lamp showerhead – perhaps one of the most intriguing designs, a lamp showerhead looks just like a wall lantern but with showerhead capabilities. The lamp cage extends past the lightbulb with a ring of water holes at the bottom to allow water to flow through the showerhead.

Call Caldwell Plumbing to Install Quality Plumbing Fixtures

As a homeowner, it’s essential to nurture your property with improvements, not just to improve property value but your quality of life. You can enjoy your new bathroom features and aesthetic while knowing you’ll make most of your investment back if not all when it’s time to sell your home. Consider which of these quality plumbing fixtures best suits you and contact our team at Caldwell Plumbing for expert plumbing fixture installation services. We provide quality, affordable plumbing for homes all across the Durham Region.