Water Valve Replacement & Service in Pickering

Caldwell Plumbing is proud to provide the residents of Pickering and Durham Region with the best-in-class water valve repairs, replacement and installation services. It’s important that you as homeowners are aware of the different water valves located throughout your home and are familiar with what appliances and fixtures they control. 

Caldwell Plumbing can help you locate your water valves and service them, including repairs and replacements, to ensure that they are in good working condition for when you need them most.

What Is a Water Valve?

Water valves are undeniably a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system. A water valve is essentially a mechanical device that is installed into your home’s plumbing system. These devices allow you to quickly and easily adjust or stop the flow of water to a fixture or appliance when needed.

For homeowners and business owners, this gives you the ability to act quickly in an emergency plumbing situation and prevent or minimize further water damage from occurring. It’s important that your home’s water valves are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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Types of Water Valves in Your Home

Main Water Shutoff Valve

The most important valve in your home is the main water shut-off valve which serves as your main control to the entire home, it’s important to make sure this valve is in perfect working order.

Appliance Shutoff Valves

All of your appliances that require a water connection should in most cases, be equipped with a water shut-off valve. This includes your washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater, etc.

Plumbing Fixture Shutoff Valves

All of your plumbing fixtures should also be equipped with a shutoff valve in order to facilitate easy repairs and water control. This includes your toilets, sinks, etc.

When Should I Use My Water Shut-Off Valves?

Knowing where your water shut-off valves are located is one thing but knowing when to use them is another important task. If you’re ever unsure of what you should do, you can always reach out to Caldwell Plumbing, we are Pickering’s leading team of professional plumbers and can help you make the right choice for your home and wallet. 

Here are just a few of the most important times that your water shutoff valves can come in handy:

  • In a plumbing emergency (burst pipe, undetectable leaking)
  • Your appliances or fixtures are leaking 
  • Your appliances or fixtures are being repaired
  • Your appliances or fixtures are being replaced
  • You will be spending an extended period of time away from your home (vacation, etc)
  • Your plumber has advised you to do so until they can reach you for service

Looking for The BestWater Valve Services in Pickering?

If you have noticed that one or more water valves in your house are no longer working, or if you are unsure of where to find your water valve shut-offs, reach out to Caldwell Plumbing today. 

We can provide you with peace of mind and equip you with the knowledge to keep your home safe and protected against emergency plumbing situations and potential water damage. For the best water valve repair, replacement and installation services in Pickering and Durham Region, call Caldwell Plumbing today.

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