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Unfortunately, with our harsh winter climate, water supply pipes freeze sometimes, even the main water supply to your home! We have a unique tool that we use for our pipe thawing services in the Pickering & Durham region. It works by sending an electrical current between two contacts which melts the ice in a target area of the frozen pipe. This nifty tool will have your water feed flowing in no time! 


It’s important to have a licensed plumber perform this because sometimes the pipes will burst under pressure while frozen and leak when they thaw out.  Our experienced plumbers are  ready to repair any sections of the plumbing system which have been compromised by burst pipes.

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

The pipes in your home can freeze when temperatures outside significantly drop, leading to water in the pipes turning to ice and potentially causing a leak in your plumbing system. Here’s a breakdown of why pipes freeze:


  • Insufficient Pipe Insulation:

    Pipes in areas like basements, attics, or garages, or against exterior walls without adequate insulation, are at a higher risk of freezing. Ensuring proper insulation can help prevent your water pipes from freezing.
  • Rapid Temperature Drops:

    A quick fall in temperature can catch your plumbing off guard, increasing the chance of frozen water pipes, particularly if they lack insulation or are exposed to the cold.
  • Low Thermostat Settings:

    Setting your thermostat too low, especially during colder nights or when the house is empty, can contribute to your pipes freezing. It’s important to maintain a consistent temperature to prevent this.
  • Prolonged Cold Spells:

    Extended periods of extreme cold can even cause the ground to freeze, affecting underground pipes as well. Keeping an eye on the forecast can help you prepare for these conditions.
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Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen

If you’re worried your pipes might be frozen, watch out for these signs:


  • No Water or Reduced Flow: A clear indicator of a frozen pipe is when you turn on a faucet and either no water comes out, or the flow is much lower than usual.

  • Frost on Pipes: If you can see frost on the surface of your pipes, it’s a sign that they might be frozen.

  • Strange Noises in Plumbing: When using water, unusual sounds, like rattling or gurgling, can indicate ice is blocking the flow in your pipes.

  • Cold Pipes: Pipes that feel noticeably colder than others, particularly those exposed to external walls or in unheated areas, might be frozen.

  • Unusual Odors in Drains: If there’s an odd smell coming from your faucets or drains, it could mean that the pipe is partially or fully blocked, possibly with ice.

The Best Frozen Pipe Services in Pickering & Durham Region

Caldwell Plumbing are Durham Region’s top professionals when it comes to frozen pipe services. We understand the complexities involved and are equipped to provide safe and efficient pipe thawing 24/7. Don’t let frozen or burst pipes disrupt your life and damage your home.


Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. Let us help you keep the water flowing smoothly in your home; call now for expert assistance and peace of mind!

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Pipe Thawing FAQ

If you have questions, you may find the answers you’re looking for in the section below. You can also find interesting information and tips in our dedicated plumbing blog!

There are many ways to prevent pipes from freezing, but a good place to start is keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature day and night. In extremely cold weather, let a trickle of water run from faucets to keep water moving in the pipes. If you plan to be away, don’t set the thermostat lower than 55°F. Caldwell Plumbing can help with more involved measures like pipe insulation.

Immediately turn off your home’s main water supply and contact Caldwell Plumbing for professional assistance. Our experts will safely and efficiently resolve the issue, helping to prevent potential damage and advising on future preventive measures.

The cost of our pipe-thawing services varies based on several factors. These include the complexity of the job, the location of the frozen pipe, and its length. Additionally, the severity and extent of the freezing can impact the overall price. We offer a free estimate service to ensure transparency and provide you with an accurate quote.


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