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Backflow Testing is a special type of test on your plumbing system to ensure your supply of drinking water does not come into contact with your wastewater.

Most homes and businesses are fitted with two plumbing systems. One allows clean drinking water to pass through the property’s pipes. The other system handles wastewater and sends it off to a septic tank or into the mains system for processing.

This ‘in-and-out’ system helps keep water flowing and clean for consumption. However, if the wastewater happens to flow backwards, it can contaminate your appliances and make it very unsafe to drink water.

That’s where your backflow preventer comes in. A backflow preventer is a valve fitted at a point in your plumbing system that keeps water flowing one way. While very effective and hardy, backflow preventer valves can weaken over time, which is why backflow testing is highly recommended.

Do I need a backflow test?

It’s important to get a backflow test on your home once a year, especially if you are concerned about the quality of the water. However, you might need a backflow test sooner if you start noticing signs such as:

  • Murky tap water
  • Changes in tap water colour (including brown, yellow, red, or pink)
  • Foul, sulphur-like smell coming from taps or faucets
  • Low pressure or slow flowing water in taps

Having a backflow test performed on your property requires special experience and licencing. Here at Caldwell Plumbing, our plumbers across Durham Region are fully certified and experienced in backflow testing. This means you can always rely on us to do the job properly and make sure your home or business’ water is safe for consumption. We will make sure your preventer valve is working properly and that your water is potable (drinkable).

To put in a request for a backflow test on your property, simply give us a call. We are able to conduct regular or annual visits on your property to make sure your home, office or business is safe.

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How does a backflow test work?

When ordering a backflow preventer test for your home or business in Durham Region, one of our skilled local plumbers will come and inspect your plumbing system. They will carefully test your system to identify a backflow and will be paying particular attention to your backwater valve.

They will then replace the backwater valve or offer to install a new backwater valve at an optimal point in the plumbing system.

To book your backflow test, contact our team of plumbers today. We’re also more than happy to give you a free estimate and explain more about how we can help.


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