Pipe Lining

Your property’s sewer pipes play an essential role in keeping your home or business a sanitary and healthy place to live or work. However, if these pipes break, they can not only cause a health hazard but also cost you thousands of dollars to repair.


Pipe lining is a special plumbing approach that is used to prevent sewer pipes from breaking or bursting. It uses a trenchless rehabilitation method and can be used on both damaged or undamaged sewer pipes.

pipe thawing

Does My Home or Business Need Pipe Lining

Anyone can have their pipes relined if they are concerned about a potential burst or leak. In Durham Region, including areas such as Oshawa and Ajax, owners of older homes in particular should consider getting their pipes relined.


The biggest advantage of pipelining is that it is trenchless and minimally invasive to your plumbing system. This means plumbers won’t need to excavate and can do the job quickly and effectively.


By choosing to have your pipes lined now, you can save significant amounts of money and keep your home or business free from disruption.

How Long Does Pipe Lining Last?

If done by a professional plumber, you should expect pipe lining to last around 50 years. This is very impressive considering sewers naturally carry corrosive or acidic materials that can degrade pipes easily. You should never attempt to reline your pipes on your own.


On some rarer occasions, you might want to have your pipes relined. If you are new to a home and unsure about the property’s history, you might want to have your pipes inspected with your local plumber.


If you are located in Durham Region and are interested in getting your home or business’ pipes lined or relined, contact Caldwell Plumbing today! We’re happy to explain more about the process and give you a free estimate.



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