Plumbing System Maintenance


Oftentimes, homeowners will only call a professional plumber when they are experiencing a plumbing emergency in their home. However, many of these plumbing emergencies could have been easily avoided with proper preventative maintenance.


Regular maintenance on the plumbing system in your home will ensure that it is functioning properly and running efficiently, reducing the likelihood of experiencing unexpected plumbing issues down the road. Not only will this help prevent potential damage to your home but also lessen unnecessary stress for your family.


Furthermore, preventative plumbing maintenance can help keep money in your family’s pockets. By budgeting for an annual plumbing check you can detect potential problems early and minimize the likelihood of an expensive plumbing repair down the road.

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What Are The Benefits Of Routine Plumbing Maintenance?

There are many different reasons why a homeowner should consider scheduling routine maintenance checks on their plumbing systems. Listed below are just a few of the important considerations that homeowners should take into account:
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Reduced likelihood of drain clogs caused by a build-up

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Potential early detection of leaks in your plumbing

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More predictable plumbing expenses

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Allows you to have a better understanding of the condition of your home’s plumbing system, so you can anticipate and save for potential future replacements or repairs

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Develop a relationship with a local plumber you can trust, they will be familiar with your home should an emergency plumbing situation ever arise

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Extend the life of your plumbing appliances

How To Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy Between Inspections

There are many benefits to scheduling annual inspections for your home’s plumbing system. However, it’s important that homeowners understand the importance of keeping their plumbing system healthy between their routine service appointments. Improper care or careless behaviour could cause plumbing issues to develop fast and lead to expensive repairs and significant damage to your home. Here are a few of our best practices for keeping the plumbing system in your home healthy and well-functioning:
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Use drain catchers in showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks to prevent hair and other foreign materials such as food from entering your plumbing pipes

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Never pour grease or un-safe chemicals into your pipes

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Do not ignore small issues such as dripping faucets, running toilets or small leaks, call your plumbing professional for advice and repairs if necessary

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Never ignore a drop in water pressure, contact your plumber if you are unsure of the cause for decreased water pressure

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Do not ignore slow draining sinks or tubs, call your plumber if you are unable to identify the cause

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