Sump Pump/Pit Service

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Sump pumps are your first line of defence when it come to basement flooding due to ground water, its crucial to maintain and service these pumps to ensure you never have issues in your home. Often these units are under sized and hardly do the job over working these pumps without a backup can lead to failure. We can assess your home and figure out which installation method is best suited for your needs. Remember if you have an existing Sump pump the municipality of Toronto will reembrace you for a portion of the cost.


Your home’s sump pump is an important part of your plumbing system that works to protect your property from damaging floods and more. However, your sump pump also requires maintenance of its own so it can work to the best of its ability. Often, sump pumps are under-sized and are unable to do their job due to being overworked.


If your sump pump is overworked, a backup of water is possible which could lead to your sump pump failing and allowing water to flood your basement and home. Whether summer or winter, southern Ontario is no stranger to extreme weather and flooding from snowmelt and rainstorms. These sudden events can quickly overwhelm a weak sump pump and put your home and family in danger.


However, homeowners across the GTA and Durham Region can take action. By having your sump pump or pit regularly serviced, you can rest assured that your basement and home is safer with a quality sump pump protecting it. At Caldwell Plumbing, we have the experience and plumbing expertise to make sure your sump pump is up to the job and is working to the very best of its ability.



Your sump pump is your first line of defense against water damage, especially if you live in low-elevation areas prone to localized flooding across Lake Ontario. Caldwell Plumbing offers a variety of sump pump services across Durham Region and the GTA that will make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Sump Pump Installation.

Are you renovating or building a new home? Make sure you don’t forget to add a sump pump to protect your hard work. Our team installs quality sump pumps and pits into homes across Durham Region. We make sure your new sump pump is fit for the job and is properly-sized to withstand rain and snowmelt.

Sump Pump Replacement

Even the smallest of issues with sump pumps can affect their ability to protect your home. Our sump pump replacement service is available to homes across Durham Region and will give you the reassurance you deserve. We make sure to replace faulty or weak sump pumps with quality alternatives you can rely on.

Sump Pump Alarm Installation

Upgrade your home’s defense mechanisms by adding a sump pump alarm. In the rare event that water levels rise beyond your sump pump’s capacities, the alarm will alert you. This not only keeps you best protected from floods but also gives you valuable time to prevent any water damage. Our team will help you find the right sump pump alarm for your home, install it for you and explain how it works.

Back-Up Power Installation for Sump Pumps

Power outages can threaten the ability of sump pumps and are often timed with extreme weather events. Not having a back-up power supply for your sump pump puts you at risk of basement flooding and more. We can install a back-up power system for your sump pump to ensure it is always up and running, even when the power is out.

Sump Pump Subsidy Available

Replacing your sump pump doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, you can even save money in the long-term by protecting your home. If you already have an existing sump pump, the municipality of Toronto will reimburse a portion of the cost for you. The subsidy grants 80% of the invoiced cost up to a maximum of $1,750, regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials, permit and taxes.


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