High Pressure Drain Cleaning


Whether you operate a restaurant or simply cook for your family, it can be easy for grease to build in your property’s drains. Caldwell Plumbing offers high pressure drain cleaning to homes and restaurants across Durham Region that removes these build ups and will keep things moving. We have the best drain cleaning equipment on the market for any drain. The best method of keeping your drains clean and working properly is to flush them out regularly with the help of a plumbing professional. Starting a maintenance schedule with us will guarantee you never have to worry about those pesky clogs again!


Our drain cleaning services are available to restaurants, cafes, hotels and homes across Durham Region, including areas such as Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering and Whitby. Get in touch with us today to book your high pressure drain cleaning appointment or learn more about our service below!

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Prevent Blocked Drains with Regular Drain Maintenance

Having your property’s drains regularly cleaned is an important step to prevent build-ups of grease, oils and fats. If grease builds up significantly, it can cause the following plumbing problems:


Blocked or broken drains
Faulty appliances
Foul-smelling kitchens
Sewage back-up


A severely blocked drain can be very expensive to repair, and even pose a health and safety risk to your home or business. For this reason, it’s essential you practice proper food waste handling and have regular drain inspections, especially if you run a restaurant or cook multiple times a day.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

We offer professional drain cleaning services to Durham Region and GTA homes and businesses, including in Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax and Bowmanville. Our plumbers provide:

Entire House Drain Cleaning:

This service is for homes that suspect they have or are experiencing slow running drains across their property. No matter the plumbing fixture or drain, we can be sure to rectify it for you. We send our plumbing and drain technicians to your home to ensure all your drains are fully cleared and work as good as new.

Kitchen Sink Drain Maintenance:

Your kitchen sink is a prime spot for blocked drains. Our kitchen sink drain cleaning and maintenance will thoroughly clear out any blockages and prevent them from quickly blocking up again.

Main Drain Maintenance:

Everything eventually drains into your main drain before it leaves your home. We can flush out the drain and keep it in pristine condition for better home plumbing.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance:

We help restaurants, bars, cafes and other commercial kitchens across Durham Region with their drain maintenance. These areas are hotspots for grease blockages that could close a business if left ignored. Our commercial plumbers have particular experience in this field and will eliminate any drain blockages. We also work alongside grease trap maintenance companies to ensure everything runs perfectly.


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