Weeping Tile Installation & Replacement in Pickering

our home is often one of the largest and most valuable investments that you make throughout your lifetime. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the unique maintenance requirements of your home in order to protect its condition and its overall value.

A weeping tile is an important system that is used to redirect groundwater away from your home and protect your basement from flooding. Typically, porous pipes, known as weeping tiles, are placed around the exterior perimeter of your home where they collect groundwater as it rises past a certain level. This groundwater then flows through the weeping tile system, as it is on a slight incline, and discharges into the sump pump or at a location away from the home. 

Additionally, if your property is prone to flooding, weeping tile can be used in other areas to eliminate and prevent a soggy or flooded yard. A properly functioning weeping tile system is important for protecting your home and your property. However, ensuring this drainage system is working correctly can sometimes be tricky for a homeowner. 

At Caldwell Plumbing, we have a team of experienced plumbers who are professionals at installing, inspecting, repairing and replacing weeping tiles for Durham Region homeowners. Learn more about our services below.

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Clogged Weeping Tile Services in Pickering & Durham Region

One of the most common issues with a weeping tile system is a clog in the drain. This prevents the groundwater from properly flowing through the pipes or entering the pipes at all. This can lead to water building up around the foundation of your home and ultimately cause flooding, foundation cracks, leaks and more.  It’s important for homeowners to find a professional they can trust to perform regular maintenance on their weeping tile in order to ensure the system is functioning properly. Some of the most common causes of a clogged weeping tile include:

Age of the weeping tiles

Houses built before the ’90s were originally equipped with terracotta weeping tiles, while the weeping tiles used today are made from PVC plastic piping. If you have outdated terracotta weeping tiles or old, deteriorated PVC, it may be time to replace your system to prevent clogging and promote better drainage. 

Trees & plant roots 

If roots from nearby plants and trees have found their way into your weeping tile system they may eventually lead to clogged or completely blocked drainage pipes. A plumbing professional can help you inspect your weeping tile and recommend the appropriate service such as repairs or replacements.

Failed fabric exterior

Plastic PVC weeping tiles are wrapped in a fabric material to prevent soil from entering the drain holes and clogging your system. If your fabric has been damaged or is beginning to deteriorate, it may be time to replace your weeping tile system.

Natural disasters

While not common in Ontario, natural disasters such as earthquakes can cause damage to your weeping tile system.


Signs Your Weeping Tile May Be Damaged or Failing

Oftentimes, improperly functioning weeping tiles can go unnoticed by homeowners and lead to much larger problems down the road. It’s important that homeowners in Durham Region know what to look for when inspecting their property. Here are a few of the most common signs that your weeping tile system may be failing:

  • Soft ground, pooling water and/or soggy soil outside of your home
  • Leaks in your basement
  • Stained or peeling drywall
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Mouldy odours 
  • Formation of mildew on walls, flooring, joists, etc
  • Your sump pump is not filling during heavy rainfall
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Professional Weeping Tile Services in Pickering & Durham Region

If you are looking for a team of professional plumbers in Pickering and Durham Region who can help with any of your weeping tile concerns, reach out to Caldwell Plumbing today. We can help inspect, repair or replace your existing weeping tile or provide installation of new weeping tile for your Durham Region home. We dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality affordable plumbing services and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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