3 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you might already have grand ideas of a luxurious shower or soaking in a serene bathtub. However, a bathroom renovation can be an arduous task and something to think about thoroughly first. It’s also crucial to think long-term about the renovations and how they might impact your home.

Despite being an exciting opportunity, you might be wondering where to start with a bathroom renovation. In today’s post, Caldwell Plumbing offers 3 tips that will help guide you through the renovation process and how to get the very best out of it.

1. Start with a vision and a budget

Firstly, look to see what you would like to change about your bathroom and what not to change. This helps in finalizing your design for your renovation and will also help create a long-term plan for your bathroom. Ask yourself if there are any features you would like to keep in your bathroom, such as the placement of appliances or tiling.

You should also create a budget based upon your plan. It’s important to figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on your bathroom renovation before starting the project. Generally, it’s a good idea to add an extra 20% for emergency expenses to the budget. That way, you are financially prepared and won’t have to stop the project midway through.

2. Work with a professional plumber

With the drainage and piping being most important to the basic function of the bathroom, it’s best to consult with a professional plumber instead of attempting anything with your plumbing alone. A professional will explore improving your bathroom plumbing with methods such as increasing the width of the piping to reduce clogs. Winterizing your pipes is key if you’re living in a region that has extreme winters, including here in Durham Region and across much of Ontario.

It’s a good idea to get your plumber involved early before beginning renovations to see if the new designs you want are realistic.

The plumber is crucial in changing or installing toilets, sinks, showers, or tubs. This is especially true in relation to your home’s piping. Whether you want a wall toilet or a new shower head, the plumber can help you with the right position for the new appliance.

The age of the pipes is another thing to consider when renovating a bathroom. The plumber knows if your current plumbing system can handle the renovations, or if new pipes are needed. A plumber may also recommend a contractor to do any construction as well. Remember, it’s better in the long-term to do a renovation properly than ignore potential problems like aged pipes.

3. Consider the features

In addition to plumbing, it’s important to think about other features such as the lighting, cabinets, and storage units for your new bathroom. Consider the following aspects below:


Recessed lighting is a great way to brighten the bathroom. This form of lighting can easily be placed in the shower too.

You can also place bright lights around your mirrors, which are great for adding extra light needed to shave or apply make-up. Because bathrooms tend to have limited natural light for privacy reasons, lighting plays a larger role than it would in other rooms of your home.

Shower and Tub Design

Some ideas for a new shower are adding a window or sill, new shower floors, or changing the shower base. Another possible choice when renovating your bathroom is not having a tub and instead using a shower, which may be ideal for smaller bathrooms or those who rarely use bathtubs.

For those wanting a new bathtub, there are many interesting options to explore, including whirlpool tubs, walk-in tubs and soaking tubs. Your tub’s style and features are very important when renovating a bathroom, so taking the time to find the right one for you will make a big difference in how pleased you are with the renovation.

Medicine Cabinets and Storage Units

Last but not least, bathrooms also need to store items, including medicine and beauty products. For medicine cabinets, you could consider whether you want a recessed or a shallow vanity style cabinet. For families with young children, do make sure these cabinets are placed high enough so children cannot easily access them.

Find a Quality Plumber in Your Local Area

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation for your home in Durham Region or Pickering, consider using a professional plumber like Caldwell Plumbing to help with this task. Although you might be thinking about doing it yourself, a professional is always the better choice as they understand the regulations and necessary changes needed to make your dream bathroom renovation into the reality it deserves to be. Contact us today to get started!