How to Find the Best Shower for Your Home

Showers are the essence of bathrooms, providing a place for you to wash off all your stress and relax after a busy day. However, when it comes to renovating your bathroom, choosing the right shower for your bathroom may not seem like the easiest of tasks.

With so many shower types available on the market and many of them preferring certain types of plumbing systems, it can be quite confusing to find the shower you want.

Caldwell Plumbing is here to help. In this article, we will walk through different types of showers and help you decide which one is best for your home and your preferences. Learn more below!

Types of showers

Bathroom renovations involve everything from meticulous planning to choosing suitable components that aesthetically match your bathroom setup. Popular types of showers in the market are:

Electric shower

An electric shower can be installed quickly and is suitable for instant hot water supply. This shower draws cold water from the main channel and heats the water in the unit to provide instant hot water on demand. It is extremely energy efficient, saving up to 99.7% of energy. You always get hot water with an electric shower, even if your main heater malfunctions.

Mixer shower

A mixer shower draws water from both hot and cold water supplies and mixes the water to deliver higher flow rates. This shower is ideal for houses with a fixed hot water supply like boilers. A pump can be attached to a low-pressure system to increase the water flow.

Digital shower

Digital showers are gaining popularity due to their stylish designs, state-of-the-art technology and touch-sensitive precise temperature controls. Digital showers operate by a panel, which can be located in a ten-meter radius. You can choose custom temperature settings according to your preferences.

Power shower

As the name suggests, power showers increase the water pressure to provide a refreshing experience. The power shower works with a gravity-centric water system to boost the water flow and is suitable for houses with low water pressure.

Identifying the Plumbing System

The plumbing and water heating system play a crucial role in selecting a suitable shower for your bathroom. If your house has a hot water tank or a combination boiler that can work without cold and hot water tanks, you have a high-pressure water system. Most newly-built homes incorporate this system.

If your house has a hot water tank in the airing cupboard and a cold water tank in the loft, you have a gravity-fed low water pressure system. Many older residences have this system. If you receive cold water in your house through a rising main, you have a cold main system suitable for installing an electric shower.

Other factors affecting the choice of showers

●   Budget: The amount of costs you can afford for your bathroom renovation plays a crucial role in selecting the shower type. For instance, digital showers can be far more expensive than an electric shower or mixer shower.
●   Bath space: The available floor space in your bathroom significantly affects your choice of showers. Opting for corner showers can be a sensible choice if you want to save bathroom space. Bathtub shower combo and walk-in showers also help save floor space.
●   Water pressure and boilers: The types of boiler and water tanks also affect the choice of shower types. You can find a suitable shower according to the water pressure and boiler compatibility. If you are still not sure about the appropriate shower type for your home, do not hesitate to contact a plumber for better guidance.

At Caldwell Plumbing, we proudly service clients across Durham Region, including Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering, for all their bathroom renovation needs. Learn more about our bathroom renovation services and let us help you find and install the best shower for your home!