Hot Water Dispenser Installation

This is part 2 of our 2 part series on how to install a hot water dispenser. In case you haven’t already, please read our article to learn more about hot water dispensers and check out part 1 of this series before reading this article. Again, Keep in mind that installing a hot water dispenser unit requires a professional. Not only one with plumbing skill but also electrical know how as well. If you are proficient in both of these areas then you can proceed. However, if you are not fully confident in these areas please contact Caldwell Plumbing and set up a appointment for one of our fully licensed professionals to complete this project for you.

Step #6: Install Dispenser Heater

Take a look in the under sink compartment and map out the best possible location for the heater. In most cases the best location would be on the back wall so that its pigtail plug will reach the receptacle. Once in place screw the mounting bracket into the wall and hang the heater.

Step #7: Replace Spray Hose (If Applicable)

If you are using the spray hose hole in the sink deck for this installation you will need to follow this step in order to uninstall it. If you do not need to uninstall your spray hose please proceed to the next step.

Start by removing the nut that secures the sprayer to the sink. Next remove the end of the hose from under the sink. This will free the hose and you will now be able to pull it out from above.

Step #8: Installing The Dispenser

Hot water dispensers are designed to fit into any standard sized sink deck hold. You should be able to simply drop the dispenser into place. Once in place secure it using a washer and locking screw which is tightened underneath the sink.

Step #9: Tie Into Water Line

Before starting this step you want to make sure that the water is shut off to this sink and then open the faucets to drain out the lines. Under the sink cut into the cold water pipe and install a compression Tee fitting. You then want to install a compression stop valve onto the the fitting, tighten the nuts, shut off the valve, and turn the water back on. With the water back on you will want to inspect for any leaks and address any of them before proceeding onto the next steps.

Step #10: Attached Tubes To Heater

Now attach the two copper water tubes to the water header with compression fittings. To ensure they are fully tightened use a wrench. You can then slide the end of the plastic vent tube onto the nipple which is found on the top of your unit. You will also want to refer to your units manual to ensure proper setup for this step.

Step #11: Install The Heater Power Supply Cable

Note: This step is best performed by an experience electrical.

Start by turning off the main power breaker. Once off remove the outside door panel and the knock out plate from the top or side of the box. Install a cable clamp inside the hole of the rock out plate you just punched out and push the cable through the clamp then secure the table by tight the clamp.

Step #12: Hook Up Wiring

With the wires now inside the panel strip the sheathing from the cable and remove the insulation all while being careful to not damage the wire. Loosen a lug screw on the neutral bus bar and push the white wire under the lug and attach the ground wire to the grounding bus bar. Tighten both of these screws to secure the wires into place. Next, loosen the lug screw on a standard 15-amp breaker and put the end of the black cable wire under this lug then tighten the lug with a screwdriver. Lastly install the breaker into the hot bus bar by pushing it into place.

Step #13: Finish The Installation

You are now ready to place the cover back onto the service panel. Keep in mind that you will need to modify it to fit back over the newly installed breaker by breaking out the protective plate that covers the breaker position with pliers. Once out screw the cover back onto the panel and turn on the main breaker. You can now run on the water supply to the disperser and plug it into the receptacle. Turn on the receptacle switch and wait 15 – 20 minutes and check that the unit if functioning properly.

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