Hot Water Dispensers

Hot Water Dispensers

About Hot Water Dispensers

There are various types of food and beverage items that require different amounts of hot water. Soup, hot cereals, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate just to name a few. There is no faster way to obtain this hot water then via a hot water dispensers. This unit can provide you with instant hot water from a faucet. Meaning you won’t have to wait for your water to boil in a kettle or on a stove top. These types of units are designed to be installed in the spare hole in your sink deck. If there are no spare holes available you have two options. Option one is to replace your existing spray hose with the dispenser. You may want to keep your existing spray hose or you don’t have a spray hose to utilize. If so, you can go with option two which would be to drill a new hole in the sink deck to install the hot water dispenser.

Keep in mind that installing a hot water dispenser unit requires a professional. Not only one with plumbing skill but also electrical know how. If you are proficient in both of these areas please read on. However, if you are not fully confident in these areas please contact Caldwell Plumbing and set up a appointment for one of our fully licensed professionals to complete this project for you.

Let Caldwell Plumbing Help

In the coming weeks we will be writing another article on how to install a water softener unit in your house. Alternatively if have any questions for Caldwell Plumbing  about water softeners and salts please feel free get in touch with usWe provide plumbing service to Toronto, the Courtice, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Uxbridge and the rest of Durham Region.

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