Why Should I Avoid Pouring Fats, Oils and Greases Down My Kitchen Sink?

When you’ve just finished cooking, it may seem like an easy solution to pour any excess fat, oil, or grease down the kitchen sink. After all, they’re liquids, so where else would you put them? While this is certainly an understandable way of thinking, doing this can lead to unforeseen consequences and can cause long-term damage to your pipes.

By understanding the reasons you shouldn’t do pour liquids, fats and oils down the drain, and the potential consequences to your home plumbing, you can avoid issues down the road and keep your pipes squeaky clean.

Here’s What Happens When Grease Goes Down the Drain

While fluids such as fat, oil, and grease may start off in a liquid state, it only takes them a matter of minutes to cool and become solid. Additionally, even in their liquid state, they tend to stick to surfaces, so running water down the sink after them won’t solve the problem. Over time, this causes pipes to become clogged and unusable.

When the oil hardens in your pipes, it can create what are known as fatbergs, hardening to rock-like blockages of solidified mass. Due to the density of these creations, it can become increasingly difficult to remove them even with a snaking tool, and you’ll need to contact a qualified plumber.

How To Dispose Of Fats, Oils And Greases Properly

So, the issue still remains that you can’t pour oil down your sink, but that doesn’t help you when you have a boiling pan of excess oil you need to dispose of. However, by allowing the liquid to cool first, you’ll be left with a solid substance that you can easily scrape into the trash.

If your drain is becoming clogged, or you’ve disposed of greasy liquids down the drain by accident, there are still some home remedies you might be able to implement to fix the problem. Using baking soda, vinegar, or another water-based acid alongside a hot water solution can help you clear out your drain if the clogging of your sink isn’t severe.

Only half a cup of baking soda is needed for this home fix, and vinegar is especially recommended as it’s already a water-based acid. Additionally, using drain snakes can help you mitigate the problem if your sink is still in the early stages of clogging.

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