What Is Water Backflow and How Do I Prevent It

What Is Water Backflow and How Do I Prevent It?

Most of the time, homeowners may not think about their plumbing and the maintenance that comes along with it, unless an incident occurs with their plumbing system. Then, once they are faced with this incident, it becomes a high-stress situation and difficult to get under control.

Understanding what can prevent incidents such as water backflow is important. Otherwise, they can occur and cause potential issues in your home.

You may be wondering what water backflow is and how you can prevent it. This guide will provide the information needed to understand what it is and how to prevent it from occurring in your home.

What is Water Backflow?

According to Corrosionpedia, water backflow is defined as “an undesirable reverse flow of water that returns contaminated water from a worksite back to the potable water source”.

Water backflow can cause a backup of unwanted water. This can damage and corrode different metallic items in a building.

Backflow can make your drinking water contaminated as well. Water backflow can cause a variety of unwanted contaminants to make their way into the water supply. Soap, human feces, and other dangerous substances can find their way into drinking water due to water backflow occurring.

Common Causes of Water Backflow

The two most common causes of backflow are backpressure backflow and siphonage backflow.

What is Backpressure Backflow?

Backpressure backflow occurs when there is more water pressure in the system using water than the system providing the water. This is most common in apartment buildings and such.

What is Siphonage Backflow?

Siphonage backflow is the opposite of backpressure, it is when there is not enough water pressure in the system that takes in the water. This can happen when there is a leak.

You may be wondering how to prevent water backflow. There are devices created to help with this prevention.

What is a Backflow Preventer Valve?

A backflow preventer valve is placed to keep water moving in one direction, which prevents backflow from taking place. While these valves do work well, eventually over time they may not have the same efficiency as they once did.

This is when prevention backflow testing comes in handy. These tests can determine if a backflow is taking place. Once identified, then the plumber can go from there to fix this issue.

Both preventer valves and tests are great ways to help with preventing water backflow.

In need of Water Backflow Prevention Solutions?

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Caldwell Plumbing’s Backflow Preventer Testing

Backflow testing is a special test that can be done on your plumbing system to ensure that your supply of drinking water does not come into contact with your wastewater.

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