The Dangers of Ignoring Drain System Issues & How to Fix Them

When you experience drain system issues, you need to fix them right away. If you don’t address them as soon as possible, you could wind up with a more expensive issue on your hands down the line.

Are you currently experiencing any issues with your drainage system?

Fear not! There are many things you can do to fix your drainage system issues before they become larger issues for you. Let’s begin by discussing why drain system issues shouldn’t be ignored.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Drain System Issues

Many people don’t worry when their drains are clogged – it only seems like a minor issue and nothing to contact your plumber for. However, there can be some ugly consequences if you fail to remedy your drain system issues. Here are some consequences you’ll face if you fail to resolve your drain system issues.

Poor Drainage

When water cannot flow easily through your pipes, this results in water backup. The pressure will slow, and dirty water will flow back through your system. Not only does this make your bathroom or kitchen dirty, but it could cause some pretty foul odours.


When water becomes trapped in your system, there is an increased pressure on your pipes. Where will the water go when your pipes are overloaded? You guessed it. You’ll end up with a burst pipe and water leaks. The pressure will become too much for your pipe system to handle and will find an exit.

There are many reasons why leaks are bad. They can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property, and they can cause stains and warping, too. Fixing a leak is a far more costly repair than a simple drain unclogging. It’s far easier to address your drain issues than a major leak – so get that clogged drain sorted as soon as possible!

Dirty Water

If you don’t sort out your clogged drain, there will be more and more dirty water lingering in your system. Think about all the bacteria, waste, and filth in your wastewater. Not only will this water start to stink out of your house, but it will present a hazard to your health, too. If your drain has been clogged for some time, avoid using that sink or bathroom until it is fixed, or you might become sick.

Structural Damage

Clogs can cause leaks, but they can also cause overflow – which leads to serious damage to your property’s infrastructure. The water can seep into the walls, ceiling, and floorboards. This will leave you with repair concerns for any mold or cracks.

How To Fix Your Drain Issues

Now that you recognize the importance of resolving your drain issues, let’s discuss some of the best ways to fix your drain and prevent unnecessary repairs.

Call Your Plumber

Perhaps the most straightforward solution, you can always count on your plumber to resolve issues with your plumbing system – no matter how small. You may not be able to find the time to visit the hardware store or unclog your drains yourself, which is why it can be helpful to outsource this service to a trustworthy professional.

Snake Your Drains Regularly

Every 6 months, you should snake your drains to ensure no debris or blockage in your pipes. A Drain snake is a long and slender tool that you can insert into your drains and rotate to clear away debris. This process will prevent buildup and ensure your drains are in great working order.

Using Drain Cleaners

Much like snaking your drains, you should use drain cleaners regularly to tackle those small blockages before they become larger ones. Pouring drain cleaning chemicals down your drain regularly will help to dissolve any residue in your pipes, leaving them unblocked and smelling great!

Call Caldwell Plumbers For Quick And Easy Drain Repairs!

Although a clogged drain may seem no big deal, you should sort it out immediately. Leaks, foul odours, and dirty water are no fun and can lead to costly repairs. So, take the above steps to keep your drains in good working order.

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