Preparing Your Plumbing Pipes For Spring & Summer

Preparing Your Plumbing Pipes For Spring & Summer

Keeping your plumbing in good shape is key to preventing emergencies that can cost you lots of time and money to repair. Seasonal changes can affect plumbing more than people realize, which is why it is important to prepare your plumbing system.

Below, we’ve gathered some of our best tips to help you with your plumbing maintenance this spring and summer.

Clean & Inspect Your Sump Pump

A sump pump protects the lowest levels of your home from damage. It essentially channels water away from these areas to keep your house safe from water damage.

Consider getting a sump pump installed before the wetter seasons to help protect your property. If you’ve already got one, make checking it a part of your spring and summer plumbing maintenance.

Clean Out Gutters & Check Outdoor Drainage

Gutters, spouts, and outdoor drainage systems are all designed to limit the water that makes its way back into your home, and into the foundation it stands on. Clearing your gutter of leaves, moss, litter, and anything else that is blocking the path of water flow is a good idea before the wet weather in spring.

You should also make sure to replace any damaged outdoor drainage systems around your home and inspect the system throughout the spring and summer months.

Check Exposed Pipes For Cracks & Damages

During the colder months, cracking and damage to outdoor pipes are common and this can present a problem as the weather gets warmer and wetter. As the seasons change, it is a good time to ensure that your pipes are all in good working order to avoid any leaks!

Give Your Drains A Clean

Your drains (both indoor and outdoor) can get clogged very easily. In showers and baths, hair and other filthy substances stop water from draining away whereas outdoor drains tend to get blocked by leaves, litter, and other debris. Clearing this away can stop water from pooling near your house and causing damage.

Check On Your Heating System

Though you’re less likely to turn up the heating in summer, it still needs maintenance. When the heating system is used less, sediment has a chance to build up and can cause your system to slow down and eventually break.

You risk getting showers and water-dependent appliances damaged if this begins to happen. You can book an appointment with a local plumber to get your heating system checked to see if everything is working okay.

Make Sure Your Taps Aren’t Leaking

Both indoor and outdoor taps can begin to leak and with higher use during the summer, you want to ensure you’re not working with faulty plumbing. Pooling water around taps and drips are both signs of leaky taps which require repair.

Check On Your Water Pressure

Low pressure in taps and showers are not ideal for the summer months! If you’re concerned about low water pressure in any part of your home, schedule a check with your local plumbing service to make sure you’ve got good water pressure this spring.

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