Hinged Shower Door

In this weeks article we will be discussion how to install a hinged shower door. The following are the steps to follow to complete the project:

1. Measure And Cut

Start off by first measuring the opening where the shower door will go. It is best to take a few measurements from various points in the opening to ensure that you do not cut the door too short. Once you have your measurements you can then cut your base piece using a hacksaw and a miter box. After you cut it you will want to file off the cut ends to deburr them.

2. Prep The Side Jamb

Before you can prep the side jamb you will want to first determine which side the jamb will be on. This all depends on which way you want the door to swing (keep in mind that a door that swings outwards is preferred). Once you have figured out the position of the jamb follow the manufacturers instructions on how to prep the jamb as all have different requirements.

3. Install The Side Jamb

Start by placing the jamb on the curb and using a level to ensure it is aligned. Then take a centre punch and mark each spot where nails are required. With your marks set you can then remove the jamb and drill your pilot holes for your nails and then attach the jam with the screws provided.

4. Prepare Shower Base

Remove the bottom track of the shower base and prepare it based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once prepped you can then permnaitly install the bottom track with adhesive. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers have this piece so don’t be alarmed if yours doesn’t.

5. Attach The Door Hinge

Next you want to attach the door hinge to the hinge jamb. In most cases this is done by simply fitting the hinge over the jamb. Next you will attach the hinge to the door panel by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

6. Attach Door To Jamb

With your hinges in place you can now align the hinge jamb over the side jamb and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit. Once it is in place you can secure it to hang the door.

7. Install Magnetic Strike Plate

The last step is to install the magnetic strike plate to the door jamb which will allow for a secure close of the door.

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