Dual-Flush Valve

In last weeks article we explained in detail what a dual-flush valve is and the benefits of this type of valve. This week we are going to continue on and provide you with the steps to install a dual-flush valve in your toilet.

Step 1: Prep For The Installation

Before we get started with this installation we must first prepare. To start you want to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Next, lift off the top of the tank ad mark both the height of the overflow tube as well as the water level. Do this on the inside of the tank on the back wall using a wax pencil to ensure it doesn’t wash off. Now remove the old assemblies then flush the toilet once and then, using your wax pencil, mark remaining water level. Now continue to flush to remove water and then use a sponge to eliminate the excess.

Step 2: Remove The Tank

With all of the water removed from the tank you can now disconnect the supply line. To do so use chanel lock pliers and remove the lock nut from the valve shank found on the back of the tank. There will be some excess water in the supply line so make sure to have a bucket handy for it to drip into. You can now remove the tank from the bowl by loosening the nuts that hold it in place. Next, remove the old gasket from the flush valve shank. Note, you may want to hang onto all of the old parts as they may come in handy later on.

Step 3: Setup Flush Valve

Once you have removed the flush valve lock nut from the new flush valve unit, place it directly into the tank. When you do this make sure that it is level and completely seated onto of the shank. Line up the height of the new flush valve to the height of the old flush valve that you make on the tank in step 1. You will need to cut the tube to match, you may need to remove the unit from the tank to do so.

Step 4: Install Flush Valve

Next, re-attach the refill mount ensuring that it is low enough to fit inside the tank while at the same time high enough to clear the lid. Secure it into place baby hand-tightening the lock nut to the threaded shank making sure to not over tighten.

Step 5: Reasemble The Tank

You are now ready to resemble the tank. Install the fill valve in the same manner that you installed the flush valve. You will need to remove the fill valve lock nut and shank waster to insert the valve onto the fill valve shank which is adjacent to the flush valve. The final height of the fill valve should be around 3” higher than the flush valve. Once the hight is correct secure the fill valve lock nut onto the shank with your hand, not tool tightening.

Step 6: Connect The Refill Hose & Dual-Flush Handle

The refill hose connect the fill valve to the dual-flush valve by placing it onto the nipple of the dual-flush valve. Once on check to make sure that the refill hose clears both valve operations. Next, install the dual-flush handle by placing it over the tank handle and secure it with a lever lock nut.

Step 7: Finish Up

You are now ready to turn on the water supply to the toilet. At this time you should check for any leaks in your installation.