In this weeks post we are going to provide you with the steps on how to install a vanity cabinet.

Step #1: Prep The Countertop Unit

Before you can set the countertop unit in place you must first prep it for installation. To do this you want to slip the drain lever through the faucet body and attache the faucet. Apply a ring of plumbers putty around the drain flange and then insert the flange through the drain opening.

Step #2: Install The Drain

From underneath the counter top you want to place the sealing gasket onto the drain and then thread on the locknut onto the drain tailpiece by hand. Once secure you can then insert the tailpiece up through the drain opening and thread it into the drain flange. Not you can use a wrench to tighten the locknut even more.

Step #3: Prep The Cabinet

The vanity cabinet can simply slide into place in your bathroom and be secured to the wall via screws that will go through the back plate of the vanity into the studs in the wall. Once secure apply a layer of adhesive to the top edges of the cabinet. The manufacturers manual should provide you with the type of caulk you require.

Step #4: Set Counter In Place

Lightly place the countertop onto the cabinet making sure that it is centred to your liking. Once in place press down on the countertop to secure it into the caulk.

Step #5: Secure The Countertop

With the counter now in place you are ready to secure it to the cabinet. From underneath the countertop drive mounting screws through each of the corner braces.

Step #6: Attach The Drain Arm

You are now ready to finish off the drain installation. To do so attach the drain arm to the drain stub-out located on the wall using a slip nut. Then connect the drain arm to the drain tail piece on the sink using a p-trap secured by slip nuts. Finally connect the supply tubes to the faucet tailpieces.

Step #2: Seal The Countertop

With everything securely in place you can now finalize your installation by applying tile caulk between the countertop and backsplash. And that’s it!

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