Important Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Important Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

As they say, prevention is better than cure. This phrase certainly applies to plumbing and maintenance. So, what do homeowners in the Durham Region need to do to prevent common household plumbing problems?

You can hire plumbing maintenance services in Pickering, Oshawa and all of the Durham Region. However, there are also plumbing and maintenance tasks you can complete yourself as a homeowner.

It can be easy to forget about your plumbing system until there is a serious issue. However, ignoring plumbing issues can lead to serious consequences for your wallet, home, and the environment.

So, what do you need to do to stop leaks and other common plumbing problems quickly? Read on for all the plumbing tips you need to know.

Daily Plumbing Tips

You can easily incorporate some actions into your daily routine for plumbing maintenance. Some problems can quickly escalate, so completing some plumbing tasks daily will help you manage your plumbing. Here are some daily plumbing tips:

Watch Your Drains

Be careful what you flush down your toilet and put down your drains. How you dispose of products can make or break your plumbing system.

Oils, grease, and other liquids can accumulate, causing blockages. These can also escalate and start to damage the sewer pipes too.

Flushing wipes and other hygiene products can also cause plumbing issues, such as overflowing toilets and blockages. Simply being more mindful of what you are putting into your drains can prevent many plumbing issues.

If you do experience a minor clog, then know how to fix it. A minor clog can usually be resolved with a plunger or using boiling water with a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Avoid DIY drain cleaners as they often use harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing.

If you have a garbage disposal, also be sure to use it properly and run cold water for around 15 seconds after. If you put in the wrong items, it can damage or break the disposal, causing plumbing problems. Be sure to dispose of all waste correctly.

Clean Drains

Similarly, be sure to clean your drains daily. Do not let food or other items pile up, as it does not only cause unpleasant smells but can also lead to drainage problems. Install meshes or filter plugs to help prevent items from getting into your drains.

Check Water Pressure, Drainage, and Toilets

Another daily task is to check the water pressure and drainage. Take a moment when showering, washing up, or using any tap to check the water pressure or drainage has not reduced. A reduction in water pressure or drainage can be one of the first signs of a plumbing issue.

You can also check for running toilets. Toilets that constantly run can quickly increase utility bills and pose a flood risk.

Weekly Tasks

There are some plumbing and maintenance tasks that you can do weekly to prevent common plumbing problems. Issues such as leaks can quickly worsen and cause damage to your home or lead to more common house plumbing problems. Tasks to do weekly include:

Check for Leaks and Wear

Every week take time to check under kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and other plumbing areas for leaks. Common signs of leaks include visible mold, wet spots, water damage, and a musty smell.

You can also examine toilet tanks and visible pipes for wear. It is best to contact a plumbing service to inspect for common plumbing issues.

Clean Faucets

Do not neglect to clean your showerhead and other faucets when completing weekly household chores. Faucets can get blocked with minerals from the water, especially in areas such as Durham, where water is usually classed as moderately hard. Signs of calcium and other build-ups include slow drainage or haphazard faucet spraying.

Address Your Lint Traps

At a minimum clean your washing machine lint traps weekly. Lint traps can cause common plumbing issues, expensive repairs, and even water contamination. Often lint is the cause of clogged drains and other common plumbing issues.

Yearly Plumbing and Maintenance

There are also some annual plumbing maintenance tasks that you should complete. A plumber can complete these tasks. For example, our plumbing maintenance in Pickering and beyond offers annual check-ups to manage common house plumbing problems.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Your water heater needs to be flushed once a year or more. Mineral sediments can build up and cause rusting, along with other issues. There is nothing worse than a cold shower when you expect a hot one, so always keep an eye on your water heater.

It is best if a professional completes the water heater inspection, as they know how to do so safely. If you decide to do it, be sure to know the correct technique to prevent further issues.

Inspect the Sewer Line

Your septic system and sewer line must remain in peak condition. A professional plumber can inspect for signs your line may clog and other septic system issues. They will find solutions to service your line, clean the pipes, and keep everything in great condition.

Prepare for Winter

Plumbing maintenance in Pickering, the Durham Region, and the rest of Canada involves winter preparation. Be sure to remove hoses, shut off or cover outside faucet valves, and insulate pipes. It is important to do this before the temperatures drop.

Plumbing Maintenance in Pickering and Durham Region

While homeowners can follow these plumbing tips, there comes a time when it is important to call a professional plumbing service. Scheduling regular plumbing checkups, such as seasonally or annually, is the best prevention for common plumbing problems. After all, professionals know exactly what to look for and have the most efficient solutions.

Be sure to pick a reputable plumbing company. Caldwell Plumbing provides plumbing maintenance in Pickering, as well as the Durham Region and beyond. Contact us today if you want high-quality plumbing services and fantastic customer care.