I'm Hearing Gurgling Noises In My Kitchen Sink. What Should I Do?

I’m Hearing Gurgling Noises In My Kitchen Sink. What Should I Do?

Any kind of noise coming from your sink can be worrisome. While your plumbing may make noises here and there, intense and repetitive gurgling is a reason for concern.

In this article, we’re going to go over all the reasons why your kitchen sink may be gurgling along with solutions on how to go about solving the problem. As with any plumbing issue, we always recommend reaching out to a plumber in Oshawa if you’re unsure of what to do.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Gurgling Noises In My Kitchen Sink?

There are many common causes of gurgling coming from a kitchen sink, and we have taken a look at a few of them below. Keep reading to find out why your kitchen sink is gurgling.

The Drain Pipe Wasn’t Installed Properly

Unfortunately, if a sink isn’t installed properly, it’s going to make gurgling noises. Usually, an improperly installed sink that gurgles is caused by a sink vent. If a sink vent isn’t installed correctly, it can create a vacuum, which will lead to gurgling noises.

A situation like this calls for the reinstallation of the sink vent, ensuring that there is a proper distance between it and the p-trap. You may want to call on an Oshawa plumber to re-install a sink vent.

The Drain Pipe Is Clogged

Clogged drain pipes are common in kitchen sinks. Every time you wash a plate, you’re likely washing something down your sink that could clog it. Indeed, oil, food waste, and other debris can build up to cause a blockage, which results in the gurgling noises that you hear.

There are lots of ways that you can fix a clogged drainpipe, and they’re pretty easy to do yourself. If your problem is a blocked drain pipe, then your best bet is to contact a company that does plumbing in Oshawa.

The Vent Pipe Is Blocked

If the gurgling isn’t just confined to your kitchen sink, there may be a bigger problem on your hands. Gurgling across your plumbing could indicate that the main vent pipe is blocked. This can be caused by several issues which could encompass your entire plumbing system.

If you suspect that a faulty vent pipe is the issue, we recommend reaching out to a plumber for help.

Some Solutions To Try

Below are some solutions you can try to fix the gurgling in your sink. Although there are some at-home fixes you can try, we recommend contacting a service that does plumbing in Oshawa for any tasks you can’t handle. It is best to contact the experts when it comes to plumbing, especially if you’re not confident in your abilities.

Take a look below for a list of some easy solutions to a gurgling kitchen sink.

Pour Hot Water Down The Drain

The hot water from your faucet may not be hot enough for this, so it is best to boil the kettle and pour the water straight down the sink. Be aware that a severely clogged sink may lead to the water coming back up the pipe, so pour slowly to avoid overfilling your sink.

The hot water should work to dislodge any debris or food stuck in the pipe which can clear away the blockage and stop those gurgling noises.

Use A Plunger

A cup plunger is the best option for your kitchen sink. It is likely going to be smaller than the one you use for your toilet and needs to completely cover the drain hole. Using a plunger forces air down the pipe, which dislodges the debris or blockage similarly in the same fashion as pouring water down the drain.

It is important to note that if you have a double sink basin, you will need to seal the other plug hole to ensure that the seal you make with the plunger is complete. If you don’t, the plunging may not work. You can seal the other plug easily with duct tape.

Use A Plumbing Snake Or Auger

A plumbing snake is another tool designed to dislodge any food and debris blocking the drain pipe. You can snake it down the pipe to move the blockage and stop the gurgling noises altogether.

An auger is similar to a plumbing snake but can feel a little more intimidating. You feed the snake down the drain in a similar way, and once it is in position, turn it on and let it rotate. It can extend quite far to reach blockages that may be further down your drain.

Call A Specialist In Plumbing In Oshawa

Whether you’ve got experience with sink plumbing or not, sometimes you just need the experts’ help. If you’ve tried all the above and you can still hear gurgling in your kitchen sink plumbing, the likelihood is that it’s not just a simple blockage.

You may find that it is an installation problem, or that the vent pipe for your plumbing system is blocked or misaligned. In these cases, you will need a plumber to fix the problem properly for you.

Getting in touch with an Oshawa plumber means an expert can take a look at your sink and figure out the issues with your plumbing. They’ll also be able to provide a solution and stop your sink from making those annoying gurgling noises once and for all.

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