How Your Window Well Protects Your Basement

Recent storms and heavy rains across the Greater Toronto Area have caused significant water damage to many homes.

This is because the majority of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area homes are within low-lying areas or close to rivers and Lake Ontario. Consequently, flooding is common, as well as water damage due to inadequate drainage. This can be especially troublesome in vulnerable areas of your home such as basements where extreme weather events can cause water damage and mold issues.

One of the key entry points for rain or flood water into your home is through your windows. If you have a window in a basement, it should be accompanied by a window well. By installing window wells, you can help prevent water damage from occurring and your home will last much longer.

What is a Window Well?

A window well is a drain structure to your basement or lower-level window that allows water to drain more effectively rather than leaking into your home.

Ribbed and U-shaped metal or plastic window wells are the most common types of window wells. Specially designed window wells also allow light to enter low level structures by providing a space between the window and the earth. Quality window wells are professionally installed by a plumber with the correct drainage system needed.

How are Window Wells Installed?

The ground surrounding the window should be excavated during installation. Typically, the well is partially filled with gravel, and a drain is installed that connects to your house’s drainage system. To keep the earth from digging itself back into the hole, the window well is placed inside this new space. Water is collected inside the hole but is drained, avoiding any flooding or moisture buildup.

Advantages of Window Wells in Basement Windows

The window well covers surround the entire window, so you do not have to worry about water getting in. Even in large storms, they have a leak-proof design so water cannot get through. A professionally installed window well is necessary to prevent water damage. Basement windows at or below grade are also protected from moisture damage by window wells.

In addition to allowing natural light into basements, basement windows equipped with window wells have another advantage as they block any dirt and debris from entering your basement.

How to Get a Window Well

A deteriorating drainage system places your property in danger of flooding due to frequent thunderstorms and flood conditions. You can prevent these kinds of damages by installing window wells for all your basement windows through your local plumber. If you are located in Durham Region, including Pickering, Oshawa and Ajax, you can contact Caldwell Plumbing.

Apart from installing window wells, Caldwell Plumbing also offers a range of other plumbing services to help keep your basement and lower levels protected. We offer professional repairs and inspections of your basement windows and window wells that will prevent expensive damages from occurring.

No matter if you need your window wells inspected or if you want to install new ones to protect your home, ensure your basement is protected from flooding by calling Caldwell Plumbing for a free estimate.