How to Stop Calcium Buildup on Your Faucet

How to Stop Calcium Buildup on Your Faucet

Calcium buildup is a common problem in faucets around the country, including in the Pickering area where water hardness is moderate. Water hardness is a measure of the number of mineral deposits in water and is formed when water moves through rock that is made up mostly of calcium and magnesium. These rocks include limestone, chalk and gypsum.

Calcium buildup in household faucets, also known as limescale, comes from the flow of water that contains these dissolved calcium salts through your taps. This buildup can cause obstructions in your plumbing and oxidation of your pipes which puts pressure on your appliances and can decrease their efficiency over time. Understanding how you can minimize calcium buildup and how to keep your faucets calcium-free can help to extend the life of your appliances.

Water softener

One of the best ways for calcium deposit removal is to use a water softener in your home. Water softeners use a process of ion exchange to remove excess calcium in the water that flows through your pipes. Softened water will not damage your pipes and lots of Pickering plumbers will be able to offer you water softening services.

Getting a water softener fitted in your home is a simple process. The water softener will usually be fitted at the mains water supply, though they can also be fitted throughout your home at any other point of supply. It is important that you hire a professional to fit a water softener in your home as there are specific regulations linked to water softener installation.

Water filtration system

Another option for calcium deposit removal that is offered by many Pickering plumbers is the addition of a water filtration system to your home. A water filtration system works to trap and remove impurities and harmful compounds. These compounds are either removed through a system cleaning process or are stored in a replaceable cartridge.

While water filters are not designed to soften water, you can find whole-house filtration systems that come with water softening abilities. Water filtration systems may be able to catch some calcium deposits but smaller sediments may still pass through.

A water softener is usually recommended over a water filtration system by Pickering plumbers for calcium deposit removal, however, if other pollutants are of concern in your home, a water filtration system with water softening abilities could be the best choice to remove excess calcium and make your water purer.

How to clean calcium buildup off your faucet

If you’ve found calcium buildup in your faucets, there are a number of ways you can remove it. These include chemical cleaners, natural cleaners, and aerators. Aerators are filters that sit on the edge of the faucet that can be removed and cleaned to rid the faucet of calcium buildup.

Natural cleaners

Chemical cleaners can be damaging to the environment causing harm to marine life, can erode your pipes, especially older pipes and PVC plumbing systems, and can affect human health, irritating your eyes and throat. Natural cleaners, on the other hand, come with lots of benefits, are eco-friendly, and are usually readily available around your home.


Made from acetic acid, white vinegar is a well-known and highly-useful disinfectant and cleaner. The acidity is high enough for it to be effective in the removal of calcium and other mineral deposits on your faucets.

To use vinegar to remove calcium buildup from your faucets, you will need equal parts white vinegar and warm water. You can then either scrub at the limescale on your faucets or, for tougher deposits, you can soak the faucets in the solution.

Lemon or lime

Like vinegar, both lemon and lime juice are acidic enough to remove limescale buildup from your faucets. They also come with the added bonus of leaving behind a pleasant smell after cleaning. To use, simply mix equal parts juice and warm water and then either scrub or soak depending on what is needed for your build-up.

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