How to Save Water During Droughts for Homeowners

How to Save Water During Droughts for Homeowners

It might surprise you to learn that, as of July 2021, much of southern Canada was experiencing a drought. Heat, dryness, and lack of precipitation are steadily rising with every season of warm weather. As these factors increase, the risk of drought only spreads throughout the country.

During a drought, conserving water is essential both for your home and the community at large. However, doing so requires a reliable water source that you can depend on for a considerable stretch of time. Here are a few key ways to save water during droughts if you are a homeowner.

Ways to Conserve Water

1. Take Shorter Showers

Did you know that shortening the average amount of time you spend in the shower can save as much as 150 gallons of water per month? One of the easiest and most effective ways to lower water costs is to simply limit your shower time and cut out baths altogether.

2. Save Drinking Water

Another effective water conservation strategy is to keep a large amount of drinking water in your refrigerator, whether store-bought or pre-poured, before a drought arrives. This way, your faucet will not be pouring gallons and gallons of water during a time it can be spared the least. In the fridge, your water will stay cold and ready!

3. Reuse Water for Plants

Keeping the hose running as you water plants can be costly over time. Therefore, you should always look for alternative sources of water to use in your garden that would otherwise go to waste. Water previously used for cooking pasta or leftover water in a pet’s bowl are all good ideas as plants are not too picky about where the waters been!

4. Do Not Wash Your Car With a Running Hose

If you plan on washing your car, always use water from a bucket instead of a running hose, as this will significantly cut down on the amount of water being wasted. Most automatic car washes also conserve their water, so it might also help to visit one if you are comfortable spending the money.

5. Do Not Run Water Washing Dishes

Keeping your faucet running as you wash or rinse off dirty dishes can quickly add up. Instead, you can save water during droughts by filling the sink with water. If you use a dishwasher, wipe excess food from cutlery or plates with a paper towel or cloth. From there, one good run in the dishwasher should take care of the rest.

6. Save Water During Droughts by Fixing Leaks

Leaky faucets, toilets that constantly run or a more complex plumbing problem, can also waste water while also increasing your water bill. Not only can they occur all around your home, but they may be happening now, without you even knowing it! A quality leak detection and repair service can easily take care of the problem for you.

Be Prepared Before a Drought Strikes

To save water most effectively during droughts, you should absolutely be proactive before a drought arrives. Caldwell Plumbing can make sure you are in the best shape to save water and money.

Contact us today and let us help you get the most of your home’s water supply.