How To Remove A Toilet

Once you have found the perfect toilet for your bathroom the next step would be to remove the current toilet. Follow the 3 steps below on how to remove a toilet.

Tools Needed

  1. Coupling Pliers
  2. Large Slotted Screwdriver
  3. Hacksaw (Optional)
  4. Penetrating Oil (Optional)


Step #1: Emptying The Toilet

You have to remove all of the water that is currently inside the tank as well as the bowl. Start by shutting off the water supply to the toilet by turning off the stop valve. The stop valve is usually found on the wall right behind the toilet. Once you have completed that the next step is to flush out all of the current water in the toilet. To do so first flush the toilet and hold down the handle to ensure a long flush. Then you want to sponge out the tank and even take a wet vac to suck out any remaining water that can be found. Lastly, you need to remove the supply tube which is what connects your water supply to your toilet. Using channel-type pliers, unthread the coupling nut which is usually found on the bottom of your water tank.

Step #2: Remove The Tank

Next we need to remove the tank from the bowl (keep in mind that this for standard two-piece toilets). While securing the inside of the tank with your large slotted screwdriver begin to loosen the tank bolts with your pliers. If you find that the nuts will not budge use some penetrating oil. Apply it to the nut, let it sit and work in for a few minutes and then give it another shot. Once you have successfully removed all of the tank bolts the tank can then be lifted off and discarded.

Step #3: Remove The Bowl

Now that the tank is off the next piece to go is the toilet bowl. To do so we need to remove the nuts that hold the bowl to the floor. Sometimes you may find that these are underneath some bolt covers, but they can simply be removed by prying them off with your large slotted screwdriver. Once at the bolt, use your pliers to loosen the bolts. Again, like with the tank bolts, if you find that the bolts are stiff and will not budge apply some penetrating oil to the bolt and let it sit for a few minutes before trying again. Continue on to remove all of the floor bolts. If for whatever reason after using the penetrating oil the bolts are still not loosening you may have to rest to cutting the bolts off with a hacksaw. Use the hacksaw to cut down vertically on one site of the nut. At that point you should be able to tilt the toilet bowl to remove it.

If you have any questions in regards to removing a toilet bowl please let us know. Once again if you need some assistance with this project we are here to help. Book an appointment with us today and we will come out to complete the project for you.