Wall Hung Vanity Installation

Last week we posted an article that talked about wall-hung vanities. This week we are going to provide you with the steps on how to mount a wall-hung vanity.

Tools Needed

  • Studfinder
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Vanity

Step #1: Remove Existing Sink or Fixture

Before we can get started with the installation of the new wall-hung vanity we first need to remove the current sink. You may also want to use this time to determine if any plumbing supply lines will need to be relocated to accommodate the new wall-hung vanity installation. Before you move onto the step 2, find and mark out the studs on the wall using your stud finder.

Step #2: Check Alignment

Take your new wall-hung vanity unit and hold it up against the wall in the location you wish to mount it. While in place check to ensure that the mounting holes on the sink are in line with the studs on the wall. If they are you can move on to step 3. If they do not align remove the drywall in the area where you want to mount the sink. When removed install 2 x 6 blocking between the studs at the locations of the mounting holes. Lastly, patch the drywall.

Step #3: Mark Out Vanity Location

Place your new wall-hung vanity unit against the wall in the location you wish to mount it. To help you keep it in place you may want to put something underneath the vanity to secure its highest (some 2 x 4’s should do the trick. With the wall bracket in place mark out on the wall with a pencil where the mounting holes are on the bracket. Once marked you can then set the vanity bracket aside and drill pilot holes in the locations you have marked.

Step #4: Secure the Vanity

You may need a second pair of hands for this step. Have someone hold the vanity in place while you drive the mounting scews through the vanity and into the wall to secure it

Step #5: Hook Up The Drain and Supply Lines

The final step for this project is to hook up the drain and supply fittings. Turn your supply lines to the on position and test your new sink for functionality and leaks.

Let Caldwell Plumbing Help

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