Sliding Tub Doors

In a recent article we talked about sliding tub doors and why they are a great addition to any bathroom. This article is part one of a two part series on how to install sliding tub doors.

Step 1: Remove The Existing Door

Before you can get started installing your sliding tub door you must first remove the existing door. If there isn’t a sliding tub door already installed you can go to step 2. To do so you will take a razor blade and cut the sealant around the door on the tile. After it is cut you can simply pull or cut the sealant off of the tile. After it is off be sure to inspect the walls and the tub ledge.

Step 2: Measure Your Opening

Now with no door on your tub you want to measure the tub opening between the two walls. Measure the top of the opening (from wall to wall on the ceiling) as well as the bottom of the opening (from wall to wall along the tub ledge). These measurements will be used for your track.

Step 3: Cutting Your Track

Use the measurements you calculated in the previous step to cut your track. You can do so by using a hacksaw. Once cut you can then place into position and tape into place for now.

Step 4: Installing The Wall Channel

Place a wall channel on the wall with the longer side facing out. Then slide it into place so that it overlaps with the track you have taped into place. Be sure to use a level to ensure proper placement and then mark the locations of the mounting holes on the wall. Repeat this step for the other wall as well.

Step 5: Drill Mounting Holes

You now want to drill your mounting holes in the shower walls in the lacerations you marked out in the previous step. Be sure to use the proper drill bit which will be determined by the type of wall you are drilling into (ceramic tile, or fibreglass wall).

Step 6: Prep Wall Channels

Prep your wall channel by applying a 1/4″ bead of silicone sealant to it along the joint between the tub and the wall.

Need Help?

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