Ice Maker Installation

In this weeks article we will talk about how to install an ice maker. If you haven’t already please read our last article on how to prep for the ice maker installation before continuing on with this article.  If you are proficient with plumbing this article will provide you with the steps in how to complete this install. However, if you are not fully confident with your plumbing skills please contact Caldwell Plumbing and set up a appointment for one of our fully licensed professionals to complete this project for you.

Step 1: Remove Fridge Contents

Before we can begin the ice maker install we must first remove all of the contents from the refrigerator and freezer and unplug the unit from the wall. Next, open the freezer door and locate the ice maker cover plate and remove it along with the backing on the back side of the unit.

Step 2: Installing The Tube Assembly

First remove the insulation plugs that are currently in the two holes on the back of the unit. This is where we will install our water line and wiring harness. Install the water tube assembly in the access hole (this is the piece that has a plastic elbow attached to it.

Step 3: Installing the Harness

Most ice maker kits sold today come equipt with a wiring harness. This is to join the ice maker motor inside the freezer to the power supply wires. To install, push the wiring (harness side first) through the hole in the back of the unit into the freezer compartment. The ice maker kit should also come with some plastic grommet, use this to seal the hole after the harness is through.

Step 4: Connect Harness

Now that the wiring harness is through the back of the refrigerator unit you can now go ahead and connect the other end to the power connecter on the back side of the fridge. Keep in mind that you want the wiring to lie flat against the back of the fridge and you can use electrical tape to help secure it.

Step 5: Water Tube Installation

The water tube at the top of the fridge is attached to the solenoid (which is mounted to the bottom) with a plastic water line. Start off by attaching it to the water tube, then run it down the back of the fridge and attach the other end of the line to the solenoid valve using a compression fitting.

Step 6: Connect Wires

The installation kit will come with two snap on connectors. Connect one end to the preinstalled wires on the refrigerator and the other end onto the solenoid usually found on the top of the piece. They easily push onto the connecter tabs.

Step 7: Attach The Solenoid To The Mounting Bracket

There should be a mounting bracket at the bottom of the refrigerator on the back side on the cabinet wall. Attach the solenoid to this mounting bracket making sure the ground wire is secured to one of the screws.

Step 8: Install Copper Tube

Once the solenoid is secured you can then install the water inlet copper tube. To do so secure it by tightening the nut on one end with pliers and the other end is held to the refrigerator with a clamp.

Step 9: Secure Water Inlet Tube

The end of the water inlet tube is secured to the water supply tubing with a compression coupling. Tighten the compression nuts with a wrench to secure it in place.

Step 10: Connect The Wire Harness

From the inside of the freezer compartment connect the wire harness to the plug found on the ice maker unit. At this time you will also connect the water supply tube to the ice maker unit with a hose clamp.

Step 11: Install The Ice Maker

Lift the unit into place and secure it to the freezer wall with the screws provided in the installation kit. Once secured you can now restore power to the refrigerator by plugging it in and test the ice maker.

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