How To Install A Toilet

In the past few articles we have provided information on how to choose the best toilet as well as how to remove an existing toilet. Today are going to give you some pointers on how to install a toilet.

Step 1: Cleaning The Closet Flange

First you want to clean the closet flange. To do this you can use a rag and some mineral spirits to remove any old residue. Quick tip…if the odour becomes to much place a rag inside a plastic bag and insert it into the the opening in the floor. Once clean take the time to inspect it to ensure that there are not breaks or extensive wear. Also take a look at the floor surrounding the flange and make sure there is no damage.

Step 2: Placing Tank Bolts

Since you never want to reuse your old tank bolts the next step would be to install new ones. Place your tank bolts into the openings and make sure they are positioned in a way where they will catch the most amount of flange material.

Step 3: Remove Was Ring

Next you want to remove the wax ring and apply to the underside of your new bowl right around the horn. Make sure you do not touch the wax ring which can be tricky as it seems like it always wants to stick to you. Once the wax ring has been applied you want to remove the protective covering. If you decided to place the plastic bag into the floor opening in step one it is time to remove it before continuing onto the next step.

Step 4: Install Toilet Bowl

You are now ready to place the bowl onto the flange make sure not to damage the wax ring. The new bolts that you have installed should align perfectly with the new bowl. Once the bowl is on you can the secure it to the floor by adding washers and nuts to both bolts. Make sure not to over tighten the bolts.

Step 5: Install Flush Valve

In some cases, depending on the toilet you purchased, the flush valve as well as the fill valve come preinstalled. In the case that your toilet does not have this done for you you need to do that now. Simply insert the flush valve through the tank opening and tighten in place by threading a spud nut over the threaded end of the valve. Finish off by placing a foam spud washer over the spud nut.

Step 6: Install Fill Valve

Adjust your fill valve to the water level height recommended by the manufacture. Then insert the fill valve into the tank and hand tighten the lock nut to secure it to the tank and then tighten it further with pliers.

Step 7: Prepping The Tank

Thread a rubber washer onto each of the tank bolts and then insert it into the bolt holes from inside the tank. You can then thread a brass washer and a hex nut onto the bolts and tighten by hand ensuring not to over tighten. Quick tip…it may make things easier to complete this step with the tank lying on its back.

Step 8: Installing The Tank

Its time to place the tank onto the bowl. Align bolts on the tank to the bolt holes on the bowl. Next place a rubber washer, then a brass washer and then a secure it all with a wing nut. Make sure to evenly tighten both bolts.

Step 9: Connecting Your Water Supply

Connect the supply tube from the wall to the tank using the coupling nut that is provided again making sure you do not over tighten. At this point we want to turn the water on and check for any leaks.

Step 10: Installing The Toilet Seat

The last step is to install the toilet seat. Simply align the holes on the seat with the holes on the bowl, thread through the bolts that are provided and attach the nuts.

There you have it, you have installed your new toilet. Some people may find that this installation is not for them. In that case just contact us at Caldwell Plumbing and we would be happy to assist on with this. You can get in touch with us for more information or simply schedule an appointment with us today.