In our last blog article we touched on standpipe drains and in this article we will take it one step further and provide you with the steps to install a stand pipe drain for a washing machine.

Step #1: Provide Ventilation

First things first, make sure that you provide venting for the standpipe. Some regulations do not require this for your install but in most cases this is a must so ensure that it is done. If you are unsure if this is necessary or how to go about doing this please contact us today or schedule an appointment to go over your project.

Step #2: Prep The Drain Line

Start by measuring the size of your waste y-fitting and mark the current drain line with those specs. Once marked you can then make cuts in the drain line to accommodate the y-fitting, make sure your cuts are as straight as possible to ensure a clean installation.

Step #3: Install Y-Fitting

With your drain line prepped, you are now ready to install the waste y-fitting. Before you do this you will want to remove an burrs that are on the drain pipe after your cuts with a utility knife. With the drain pipe cleaned up you can now dry fit the waste y-fitting onto the drain line to make sure its a proper fit. If it is you can then remove the dry fit waste y-fitting, apply some solvent glue and reapply the waste y-fitting.

Step #4: Prep The Countertop Unit

With your waste y-fitting in place you can now dry fit a 90 degree elbow and a 2″ standpipe with t a trap to the waste y-fitting. Once in place ensure that the standpipe is taller than the highest water level in the washing machine which is usually a minimum of 34″. If it clears that heigh you can remove the elbow and standpipe, apply some solve glue and reapply the elbow and the standpipe.

Step #5: Secure Standpipe

To secure the standpipe in place use a 2 x 4 backer secured with 2 1/2″ deck screws to the wood support. With that in place you are ready to move the washing machine back into place and place the rubber drain hose into the standpipe.

Let Caldwell Plumbing Help

Alternatively if you would like Caldwell Plumbing to install a standpipe drain for you please book an appointment with Caldwell Plumbing today or get a free online estimateWe provide plumbing service to Oshawa, Courtice, Bomanville, Uxbridge, Pickering, Ajax, and the rest of Durham Region.