Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

In a recent article we went over the benefits of having a reverse osmosis water filter. In last weeks article we posted part 1 of this two part series on how to install a reverse-osmosis filter. In this weeks article we are going to continue on with part 2 how to complete the installation.

Step 6: Connect Your Faucet To The Storage Tank

The connection from your faucet to the storage tank, just like in the previous step, uses a push type system. You will want to now connect your faucet to the storage tank in the same way you connected the tank to the filter in step 5.

Step 7: Mount The Faucet

Once you have established the connection between the water filter and the faucet you are ready to mount the faucet to the sink deck. For this step you will want to refer to the manufacturers instructions to ensure a proper installation.

Step 8: Tap Into The Water Supply

To supply water to the filter we will need to tap into the cold-water supply line that is currently supplying water to the kitchen sink. To do so you will want to replace the shut off valve right at the supply riser with a new valve which contains an additional outlet.

Step 9: Attach The Filter Supply Tube

Using the tubing provided attach one end of the tubing to the water filter and the other to the port on the new valve you installed in the previous step using a compression fitting. This is done by first pushing the tubing over the port, then push the ferrule against the valve and then securing it by threading the compression nut into place. Tighten by hand at first and then give it one more turn with a wrench to ensure its secure.

Step 10: Installing The Tailpiece

Your filter also needs to tap into the drainage system of your kitchen sink. To accomplish this you will need to replace the current drain tailpiece with a new one that contains an auxiliary port.

Step 11: Attach Tubing From Auxiliary Port To Drain

Once you have the new tailpiece in place you are ready to connect it to the drain. To do so use the tubing provided and connect one end to the auxiliary port on the tailpiece and the other to the drain.

Thats it, all done! At this point you want to check your installation for leaks. Turn the water on and make sure when you test the system you check for leaks in both the filter and the drain. Allow the filter to fill up and drain out twice before consuming any of the water.

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