Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Last weeks article outlined the benefits of having a reverse osmosis water filer and if this type of filter is right for you. This weeks article is part one of a two part series on how to install a reverse-osmosis water filter in your kitchen. If you have decided that a reverse-osmosis water filter is for you then follow the steps below to install this unit.

Step 1: Install The RO Membrane

As you unpack the unit from the box that it came in you will notice that there is a separate bag inside the box. This bag is filled with anti-bacterial fluid and contains the RO membrane cartridge. Wearing plastic gloves you will want to open the bag, remove the cartrigte and then install the cartridge in the filter unit. When handling the cartridge you will want to ensure you only touch the ends so that you do not damage the cartridge.

Step 2: Locate Mounting Spot

Locate the best spot to mount the unit in the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink. Before picking a spot you will want to refer to your manufacturers instructions for guidance. Once you have mapped out the location drive the mounting screws into the cabinet wall.

Step 3: Mount The Water Filter

With the water filtration system fully assembled and your mounting screws in place you are now ready to mount the unit. This is done by simply aligning the mounting screws with the groves on the back of the unit hanging it in place.

Step 4: Attach The Valve

Find the valve that came with the unit and wrap the tread a few times with some teflon tape to ensure a tight fit. Then you want to thread it into the side of the storage tank as tight as possible by hand. One in place use a wrench to turn it once to secure it.

Step 5: Connect The Tank To The Filter

Using the plastic tubing supplied you are now ready to connect the tank to the filter. Some manufacturers use a compression fitting but most use a push type collar. In the case of the push type collar you simply insert the hose into the collar until it stops and then pull back very gently to ensure it is connected.

In next weeks article we will go over the steps to finish up the installation of our reverse-osmosis water filter.

Let Caldwell Plumbing Help

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