Install A New Faucet

In our past articles we have provided information on how to choose a new kitchen faucet as well as how to remove a faucet. Today we are posting an article about the logical next step which is how to install a new faucet. At this point you should have chosen the faucet that best stuits your needs and you should also have the old faucet removed. So lets get into how to install a new faucet.

Step 1 – Installing The Base plate

This step is only logical if your faucet has one. If it does not then you can skip this step and move to step 2. However, if your faucet does have one you will want to install it onto the sink flange making sure that it is centred. You may want to have someone assist in this step as they can hold it from above as you tighten the mounting nutts from below. Ensure that the plastic gasket is centred and then tighten the nuts by hand.

Step 2 – Inserting the Faucet

You want to first retract the pullout hose by drawing it through the body of the faucet. Once this is done you can then insert the shank along with the supply tubes through the top of the deck plate.

Step 3 – Tighten In Place

Once your faucet has been inserted you can then slip the mounting nut along with the washer over the supply tubes and then thread them by hand onto the shank. At this point you will also use a screwdriver to fasten the retaining screws.

Step 4 – Install Hose Weight

The hose weight is designed to help keep your hose from getting all tangled and also allows it to retract easier. To install it, simply take your hose weight and slide it onto the pullout hose.

Step 5 – Connect The Supply Tubes

Now you want to take your supply tubes and connect them to supply risers. Note, you want to ensure that you are matching the lines correctly (hot to hot, cold to cold).

Step 6 – Hook Up The Water Supply

Next you want to attach your water supply tubes to the facet inlets. You also want to ensure that they are long enough to make it to the supply risers without any kinking or stretching of the tubes. After this is complete you can then connect the end of the pullout hose to the outlet port using the quick connector fitting.

Step 7 – Attach The Spray Head

The last step in the process is to attach the spray head to the end of the pullout hose. Once it is connected you can then turn the faucet on to test. You may also want to run both your hot and cold water for a few seconds to flush out any debris that may be found in the tubes.

Of course, as always, if you need any further information on this type of project please feel free to get in touch with us. Alternatively if you are looking for someone to complete this job for you we encourage you to Click here to schedule your appointment today.