7 Common Plumbing Errors DIYers Make

7 Common Plumbing Errors DIYers Make

With the invention of the internet, specifically how-to guides on sites such as YouTube, DIY has become more popular than ever. Doing your own furniture assembly and basic repairs around the house is a great way to save money. However, it perhaps goes a step too far when people try to do their own plumbing.

Like many skilled professions, it may appear simple, but the complexities of the job are far more abundant than most people realize. While it’s admirable to try to do your own plumbing, this type of work requires a professional. There are numerous mistakes that DIYers make when they try to do this work themselves.

Using A Lot Of Muscle Power On A Stuck Shut Off Valve

When the shut-off valve gets stuck, it can be easy to assume all you have to do is get some elbow grease in there and force it back into operation. These valves often jam when they’ve not been used for a long period of time, and trying to force the issue will only lead to potential damages or more severe issues down the road.

Professional plumbers know how these valves work and will come fully equipped with all the complex tools needed for the job.

You Decided To Sweat Your Copper Pipes With Water

Finding the source of a leak, or identifying a damaged pipe can often lead to some immediate and hasty actions. Implementing a temporary fix until a plumber can come over is perfectly fine, though some more handy homeowners may attempt their own sweating job.

Sweating a pipe, especially when it comes to copper, requires every surface to be completely dry before you start the job. Improper sweating means that even if you think the job looks complete right there and then, the pipe will likely start leaking again or burst entirely.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools

Like any professional, plumbers often make the job they do look easier than it is. A large part of this comes down to them always having and using the right tools for the job, which may not register for anyone watching them.

DIYers and handy homeowners may end up using whatever tools they have on hand, which will almost certainly be more limited than the toolset that the plumbers have. It may seem fine to use a regular wrench rather than a pipe wrench, but as the latter is designed with soft metal pipes in mind, disastrous consequences may ensue.

You Have Your Wyes, Tees & Elbows Mixed Up

Wyes, tees, and other kinds of elbows are common fittings, though many DIYers end up installing them in the wrong places. Using one fitting where another is required, or installing fittings in an incorrect orientation, will inevitably lead to code violations, unpleasant smells through sewer gas, and potential clogging.

A pipe system may look fine from the outside, however different wyes, tees, and elbows need to be used in different circumstances as most cannot be used in more than a couple of configurations without risk of issues.

You Failed To Turn Off The Water

When switching in a new valve for an old one, you might think that you can get it done efficiently and effectively. Even if that’s true, this overconfidence often leads to people not taking proper precautions such as turning off the water.

Trying to attach a new valve or faucet while the water is on can easily lead to the full power of your water pressure causing your room to flood and any lower floors to become damaged and water-logged.

You Decided To Tackle A Plumbing Job Without Spare Parts

When it comes to buying replacement parts, there’s no such thing as overestimating. No matter what part of your plumbing you’re looking to replace, the chances are that upon beginning work you’ll soon discover that more parts need replacing.

This can range anywhere from irritating, as poor planning will mean another trip to the store, to disastrous, as many plumbing jobs are time-sensitive. Not coming equipped with spare parts is one of the most common mistakes DIYers make.

You Wrapped The Thread Tape In The Opposite Direction

DIYers can easily make the mistake of wrapping the thread tape backwards, defeating the whole point of using the tape in the first place. This is an easily avoidable mistake that trained plumbers know to watch out for.

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