5 Reasons Why Your Sump Pump Needs Replacing

5 Reasons Why Your Sump Pump Needs Replacing

With rainstorms, rapid floods and lake effect snow, unpredictable weather is quite common here in southern Ontario. While various components of your home do a good job of protecting you from these treacherous conditions, they also must work hard to do so.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, your sump pump is the first in line to tackle rises in water levels or pressure and keep it from causing (costly) internal water damage. This handy piece of plumbing equipment does protect your home but it does need to be looked after as well.

So, how do you when your sump pump needs replacing? In today’s post, Caldwell Plumbing will explain five signs that suggest a sump pump replacement is due. Learn more below!

1. The Sump Pump is Noisy

The biggest and most common indicator your sump pump needs a replacement or repair is how noisy it is.

Because sump pumps use energy powered from its motor to push out unwanted water, a fair amount of noise is acceptable. However, if you are hearing the motor make loud thudding or grinding noises, this means your sump pump’s motor is reaching the end of its life and may stop working soon.

Seeking a new sump pump motor or replacing it with a new, more efficient model is the best solution here.

2. The Sump Pump is Clogging

If your sump pump is not protected by a lid or has no covering, then dirt is more likely to enter inside. Dirt accumulates over time and will eventually prevent the sump pump from keeping water away from low-level areas of your home such as a basement.

3. The Sump Pump is Not Working

Similar to clogging, sump pumps can be severely affected by environmental hazards and work hard to protect your home’s lower levels from water damage.

Due to Ontario’s cold and icy winters, the water leaving the pump’s discharge line can actually freeze and stop the whole sump pump from emitting water. If ignored or not treated, your sump pump’s motor will have to overwork, quickly causing it to fail.

To protect your sump pump from ice, consider installing quality drain lines that are much more resistant to freezing.

If your sump pump is covered with dirt, attempt to clean or remove the debris. You may have to have a new sump pump installed if your current one does not return to its proper working state.

4. The Sump Pump is Constantly Running

Sump pumps generally only do their job when water is attempting to enter your property. If the weather outside is dry or there is only a minor amount of rainfall, your sump pump should not be forcing itself to work.

A constantly running sump pump indicates a wider problem with your home’s plumbing. It can mean:

  • Your sump pump is missing a part.
  • The sump pump is incorrectly sized.
  • There is a hidden flood occuring around your property.

In any of these scenarios, it is always a good idea to contact your plumber and ask for an inspection rather than trying to guess.

5. The Sump Pump is Old

Last but not least, age is an important factor in sump pump performance.

All sump pumps wear out eventually and will need replacing. Older sump pumps tend to be mostly plastic, which is prone to ice damage like pipes are. Their motors are also much more likely to die out and need replacing too after plenty of wear and tear.

Whatever the cause behind your sump pump, make sure to check on it occasionally, especially if it’s been in your home for over 10 years.

Contact Your Plumber for Sump Pump Replacement

Rather than trying to fix your sump pump yourself, get an experienced and professional plumber to come do it for you. Not only are they the person to get the job done right with a quality sump pump, but they can also identify the cause of the sump pump face and help fix them to prevent future damage.

If you are looking for a sump pump replacement in Durham Region, including Oshawa, Pickering and Ajax, give Caldwell Plumbing a call today!