Which Toilet Paper Substitutes Will Clog Up My Toilet?

Which Toilet Paper Substitutes Will Clog Up My Toilet?

Which Toilet Paper Substitutes Will Clog Up My Toilet?

When it comes to substitutes for your toilet paper, there aren’t any great swaps. Many of the replacements we frequently use when we find ourselves without toilet paper can do a lot of damage to your plumbing system.

It is essential that you keep your plumbing in good order by reducing clogs and blockages in your toilet, which is why you shouldn’t use many of the toilet paper substitutes that people suggest.

We’ve taken a look at some of the substitutes that people use for toilet paper and rounded up the ones we would advise against. Check them out to avoid having to google ‘plumbing Pickering’ to find an emergency plumber to fix your clogged system!

Wipes (Such as Baby Wipes and Lysol Wipes)

Wipes should not be flushed, even if they claim to be flushable. This is because even the flushable ones don’t break down quickly enough to prevent blockages in your drainage system. While toilet paper is designed to break up as soon as it touches water, wipes are not.

In fact, wipes can actually remain in your pipes for a long while even after you flush them, slowing everything down! Ensure that whether it be baby wipes, makeup wipes, or Lysol wipes, you’re disposing of them in the trash and not the toilet.

Paper Towels

Paper towels look and feel like you could flush them easily, but they shouldn’t be flushed. Paper towels are designed for scrubbing and cleaning, which means they have a closer and tighter weave than toilet paper, causing them to break down more slowly.

While paper towels might not clog your toilet, they could cause havoc in the local sewage system. If you don’t want to be responsible for causing trouble in the local plumbing in the Durham region, then try and avoid flushing paper towels!

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are probably not something you have thought of as a toilet paper replacement, but people online have. If you’re desperate, they’ll do, but like all of the options on this list, coffee filters should not be flushed.

Coffee filters are designed to remain intact when they get wet – no one wants a coffee filter to disintegrate while it’s in use, so flushing them is practically asking for a blocked toilet.

Facial Tissues & Napkins

Like paper towels, facial tissues and napkins seem like a safe alternative, and they’re probably the best choice on this list, but you should still use them with care. While one or two napkins won’t break the toilet, using them in large quantities will.

If you’re desperate, you can flush a couple, but trashing them is the best option for your plumbing system.

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