Shower Enclosure Kit

Shower Kit

Shower Enclosure Kit

Adding a shower to a bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. The quickest and easiest (but still effective) way to do this is by framing in a small area using lumber and drywall and then installing a shower enclosure kit. Shower enclosure kits usually consist of 3 walls. These are made from either plastic or fibreglass and a shower pan, which can also be called a receptor. The walls snap together in the corners and fit inside the flanges of the shower pan. Once in place the shower enclosure kit forms an almost foolproof seal. Theses kits come in various different designs and colours to suite the look and feel of the bathroom. Some of the kits also include walls that have shelves, soap holders and other convenience items.

You can find shower enclosure kits that range from fairly inexpensive to very expensive. It all depends on look and build. Usually the shower kits on the higher end of the spectrum are made with much stronger, thicker material. This results in it lasting much longer than a less expensive kit. The price of the kit may also have to do with the shower pan. Some kits come with it and others do not.

Over the course of our next few blog articles we are going to cover everything in regards to the installation of a shower inclosure kit. From building the frame for the kit as well as the installation of the shower enclosure kit itself. Alternatively if you know that you want to install a shower enclosure kit in your bathroom but want to hire someone to do all of the work, get in touch with caldwell plumbing today for a free estimate on the job. If you are in the Durham Region or Greater Toronto Area (GTA) you can schedule an appointment with one of our qualified plumbers.

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