Phantom Flushes

Phantom Flushes

First, lets start by expelling what the term phantom flushes refers to. Phantom flushes are very weak toilet flushes that occur without anyone pressing down the handle. The usual suspect in the cause of phantom flushes is the flapper.

The flapper is the plug that you find at the bottom of the toilet tank. When the handle is pressed it pulls the flapper up to release the water in the tank. If you are experiencing phantom flushes it could be because your flapper may not be completely sealed. This causes the water to trickle through. Make sure that the chain that is connected to the flapper is not tangled. Also check to see that you have enough slack on the chain to allow the flapper to sit down all the way when the handle is not activated. If these items seem to be in working order than the last resort would be to replace the flapper itesle as it may be defective.

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