Jetted Spa Bathtub

Jetted Spa Bathtub

About Jetted Spa Tubs

A jetted spa bathtub recirculates either water, air or in some cases both at the same time. This effect is what is know as a hydromassage and it has a great deal of benefits. A hydromassage can relieve pain and pressure on achy joints and muscles. It can also increase blood flow, and help relive tension. This type of tub usually has a water pump located in the body of the tub. This pump forcues a mixture of water and air through the jets located throughout the tub body. Many hydromassage tubs also include an integral water heater as well.

One of the newer types of jetted spa tubs is what as know as an air-jet tub. This type of tub creates a massaging action by stirring the water with warm air and elements any concern about stagnant water and bacteria that can remain in the pipes of whirlpool tubs that reticulatee water. Also, because it circulates warm air only it is safe to use bath oils, bubble bath soap, as well as salts in the bathtub.

Let Caldwell Plumbing Help

Just like a regular style bathtub jetted spa tubs can be installed in a variety of different ways. This type of installation should be left up to those who are experienced plumbers and professionals. Over the course of our next few blog articles we will be providing you with the steps on how to install a jetted spa tub. However, if you are looking to hire a professional to complete this project then please book an appointment with Caldwell Plumbing todayWe service Toronto, the GTA, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa and the rest of Durham Region.

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