Commission vs Hourly Paid Plumbers

Commission vs hourly plumber

Within the plumbing industry there are usually two ways you will find companies pay their employees. The first would be commission based which is where the plumber gets paid a commission percentage based on the total price of a job that they complete. The other would be hourly pay where the company pays the employee a set rate per hours worked. Now your probably wondering to yourself ‘why does this matter to me?’. Well the fact of the matter is that it does.

Since commission paid plumber’s are paid out based on how much they sell to their clients this may cause the plumber to focus more on the sales aspect of their job as opposed to providing the best plumbing services they have to offer. In some cases you may also find that commission based plumbers will try to upsell or sell add ons, even when they are not required or needed, in order to push the job price up which results in a bigger payout for them. Since these plumbers are not paid for things like travel time, estimates ect., you may find that this issue happens more frequently as the plumber try’s to make up for unpaid time worked.

In contrast to commission paid plumber, hourly paid plumbers get paid a set rate per hour for all work. They are paid from the minute they are on the clock to the minute they punch out. Whether they are providing an estimate that may not get accepted, or even driving from job location to job location they get compensated no matter the work they are completing. Due to this the plumber is less likely to try and up sell you products and services that you do not require instead focusing on simply providing the best service possible. They know what the job requires and work until it is completed to the best of their ability. There is no need for an hourly paid plumber to feel like they need to rush through a job as they do not feel pressured to hurry to the next job for another payout. Also, being that each job would be billed to the client at an hourly rate it is easier for the client to see where the money for the job went (parts/labour).

All of that said you might be glad to know that all of the plumbers here at Caldwell Plumbing are paid based on an hourly rate. We feel as though this is the best way for us to provide our clients with high end plumbing services as it allows us to focus more on quality as opposed to quantity.

We would love the opportunity to provide you with an estimate for your next plumbing job, please get a free online estimate today. Alternatively if have any questions for Caldwell Plumbing  about pot fillers and salts please feel free get in touch with usWe provide plumbing service to Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Scarborough, Whitby, Markham and the rest of Durham Region & GTA.

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